Dorfmüller Micro Muver

Micro Muver

Your Dorfmüller Micro Muver is a Multifunctional Micro Inverter: Batterycharger, Inverter and Smart Meter in one reliable unit.


Integrated NA-Schutz (AR-N-4105) and single-fault-security. Safety transformer for secure galvanic insulation of battery and grid. Low DC Input voltage.


Best Choice for reliability and safety.



For connection to battery and grid we deliver classic junction boxes with pointer instruments for honest and immidiat visualization.


Connection to grid: NYM 5x2,5mm²

Connection to battery: 16mm² red and blue.


Each Micro Muver is with a current sensor clip for Smart Meter functionality.

Wire current sensor clip from Micro Muver to your terminal box (main grid input point).


Each Micro Muver has CAN port as secure data-output and optional control port and for possible future adaptions to different battery types.


No Internet - no Wifi - no hijack risk.


Lithium: BMZ-Batteries 6.5kWh 48Volt



Lead: compliant with any standard lead or lead-acid battery.



Aquion: salt-water-battery 2.2kWh units 48 Volt.




Detailed Information on request.